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Working with the Pups

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Check out what our staff has been working on with some of the pups! So cute!

Keep Your Dog Safe this Fourth of July.

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While most people look forward to fireworks on the Fourth of July, it may be a frightening time for pets. Keep your dog safe this Fourth of July with these tips:

  • Leave your pet safely confined in the house with a favorite treat or toy.
  • Do not leave your pet in the car.
  • If you know your pet is sound sensitive, consult your veterinarian before July 4th.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing identification tags



Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!


Paws & Pals Events Highlights Photos

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Check out all the fun at Paws & Pals!

Paws & Pals Celebrates 9 Great Years!

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Paws & Pals Pet Resort is celebrating 9 great years thanks to you!

Paws & Pals 9 Year Anniversary

Ask for these Anniversary week Specials good for June 23 – 30th.  $9 nail trim (save $5)! A 1/2 day of daycare for only $9 (save $7)!

9 Year Celebration

How many different dogs have visited Paws & Pals for any service (boarding, daycare, grooming or training) since we opened 9 years ago? Trivia question closes on June 30th. Winners announced July 1st!  Visit our Facebook Page for your chance to win up to $50!


National Pet Fire Safety Day

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According to the United States Fire Administration, an estimated half million pets are affected annually by fires. July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, Paws & Pals would like to offer some tips to help you and your pet stay safe. We hope you will follow these important guidelines to help prevent disaster from harming that which is most precious to you, your family.

Develop a Plan for your Petfire-dog
  • Be sure that your dog and other pets are part of your organized evacuation plan. Rehearse your plan repeatedly with your family, including your dog.
  • Determine which family member will be responsible for each pet.
  • Know where your pets hide, as this may be the first place they go if there is a fire.
  • Assemble a dog disaster kit including: a supply of your dog’s kibble and treats, water, vaccination records and medications, emergency contact information including your veterinarian’s number, a favorite toy and an extra leash and collar with your dog’s identification.
  • Increase the chances of your dog’s rescue by putting a sticker on your door reading, “DOG INSIDE. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, PLEASE RESCUE”


Prevent Your Pet from Starting Fires

We shudder to think about it. But according to the National Fire Protection Association, each year more than 1,000 house fires are accidentally started by pets.  We suggest you take a minute to pet proof your home against potential fire hazards—it could mean the difference between life and death for your four-legged friends.

  • Blow it out. Don’t leave lit candles unattended.
  • Cover it up. Pets are naturally curious and will investigate almost anything that has a scent. This includes your oven. Be sure to remove stove knobs or protect them with covers before leaving the house. Believe it or not, exploring stove tops is the number one way your pet can accidentally start a fire.
  • Secure young pets – Keep them confined away from potential fire-starting hazards when you are away from home such as in crates or behind baby gates in secure areas.


For additional fire prevention and pet safety guidance from The Red Cross, click here.

If you need a Pet Alert Window Cling, the ASPCA distributes free alert stickers on their website.


June 10th is World Pet Memorial Day

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The loss of a pet can be extremely difficult, even though we have many cherished memories from the time the pet spent in our lives.  On June 10th, pet lovers around the world will be celebrating those cherished times and the memories of pets that have passed.  Paws & Pals encourage pet owners to take the time to share a memory of a cherished pet with family and friends.

How can you honor the memory of your pet?

  1. Create a scrapbook or collage with photos and other reminders of your pet.
  2. Volunteer at an animal shelter to help other pets.
  3. Donate to animal shelters in honor of previous pets.
  4. Plant a tree or a shrub as a living memorial.
  5. Hold a small memorial service where family and friends can pay their respect to the animal that has touched their lives.


How do you and your loved ones keep the memory of your pets alive?

World Pet Memorial Day

Post a memorable story about your pet in the comment section below. Also, share photos on our Facebook page.

Cinco de Mayo at Paws & Pals!

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Cinco-De-Mayo_0268-TrackerWe had such a fun fiesta at Paws & Pals on Monday!

Cinco-De-Mayo_0284-Lucy Cinco-De-Mayo_0294-krista-fitz Cinco-De-Mayo_0318-Charlie Cinco-De-Mayo_0358-Murphy Cinco-De-Mayo_0375-Gretta Cinco-De-Mayo_0395-Kirby Cinco-De-Mayo_0451-Lennox

See all the photos  and download your photo here

Check out the video:



Cinco De Mayo Doggy Daycare Party at Paws & Pals!

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Be sure to save the date- Next Monday May 5th! It’s a fiesta at Paws & Pals Pet Resort!


limbo contest • races •  photos (sombrero provided)

All included with daycare!

Visit Facebook for your chance to win a Free Daycare Day

Easter Fun at Paws & Pals!

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April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

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The American Red Cross has dedicated April as National Pet First Aid Awareness Month.  This is a good time to think about how we can be better prepared in case our pets have an emergency. No one expects or hopes to deal with a pet emergency, but it’s important to be prepared so you can remain calm and focused in any type of situation.

The Paws & Pals Staff is Red Cross Pet First Aid and CPR Certified. We take the safety of your pet very seriously and are prepared for any situation.


If you should have a home emergency here are 6 tips to be at your best in a worst-case scenario.


1. Pack a pet first-aid kit. Pack two first-aid safety kits, and keep one at home and one in your car. You can buy pre-assembled kits or put one together yourself. first-aid-suppliesHere is a helpful link to the American Veterinary Association ( that offers basic first aid information: Pet first aid – Basic procedures

2. Have important phone numbers at your fingertips. Keep emergency phone numbers somewhere you can find them easily, so you can act quickly in an emergency. Along with your veterinarian’s contact information, you may also want to keep these nearby:

Animal Poison Control Center: (888) 426-4435
Pet Poison Help Line: (800)-213-6680

3. Get a decal for your window in the event an emergency occurs while you are not at home. This decal will allow rescue personnel to know you have pets inside that may need attention.

4. Take a Pet CPR & First Aid Class- The American Red Cross offers pet first-aid classes.Paws & Pals has a Red Cross certified instructor on staff and will be offering a community Pet CPR and First Aid Class later this year.  Check our newsletter or web site for details.

5. Know where to go in case of emergency. Your regular veterinarian is a great resource if an emergency occurs during the day, but most general-practice veterinary clinics are closed on evenings and weekends. Emergency clinics are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be sure to know where they are located.

Prior Lake Pet Hospital Urgent Care

Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service
Eden Prairie
7717 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

6. Finally, stay calm. Your pets will pick up on your excited state.

The American Red Cross offers a smart phone app with first aid tips and information for dogs and cats. Be prepared to act when your pet needs help!

The Red Cross Pet First Aid App

Remember that while first aid is not a substitute for veterinary care, however, taking quick action can save your pet’s life. Get your pet to your veterinarian after administering any first aid treatments at home.

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