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Dog Daycare Q & A

Getting reading for dog daycare? This handy checklist will make preparation easy! Also, check out our Dog Daycare FAQ below, or General FAQ here.

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Daycare Checklist: What to Bring

  • Completed Services Contract
  • Completed Guest Profile
  • Current vaccinations record
  • Any medication(s) needed during the play day
  • Any special instructions
  • Optional: food – if you want your dog fed during the day


Dog Daycare Questions

What can I expect my dog to experience when he/she is introduced to a group of other dogs?
We will introduce your dog safely and slowly to a few dogs and then ultimately to an entire play group of like sized dogs with similar temperaments. We will watch your dog closely to make sure it is displaying proper canine body language and is not demonstrating any aggressive or destructive behaviors. We watch very carefully to make sure your dog is having a good time playing with the group. The first thing that will happen is almost every dog will want to “greet” your dog. They will circle each other while sniffing noses, necks and bottoms, and then go about their day. This is a proper greeting in the canine world. Aggressive dogs will usually not react well to all the dogs sniffing them. Non-aggressive dogs will react to all that sniffing by being friendly or submissive. Often times play bowing and/or a fun game of chase will occur. Over time, your dog will naturally gravitate to other dog(s) that have a similar play style.
What if my dog has never been with other dogs before?
It’s very possible that your dog will be timid or shy at first. However, using natural canine body language to communicate, he’ll learn valuable social skills such as being polite, not playing too rough and respecting his elders. It takes most dogs awhile to fully develop their social skills. Most dogs love the activity and the interaction with their friends.
My dog has health issues, can he/she still come?
Please call us to discuss the specific issue and we will decide if our service it the best option for your dog. We want to make sure that every dog that stays with us has an exceptional experience.
Will you provide my dog his/her medications? Is there a charge?
We are more than happy to administer basic medications, including insulin, at no charge. However, we will not administer a prescribed medication that is required to be done by a veterinarian. Please bring a sufficient supply of the medication, any other necessary supplies, and the prescription bottle that has the veterinary directions. Please call us to discuss any concerns, special considerations or requests.
What do you do in case of illness or injury?
 Our staff is trained and certified in Red Cross canine First Aid and CPR. Several are also trained Veterinarian Technicians. We have the experience to deal effectively with the majority of common issues. If necessary we will take your dog to your Vet Clinic, if it is open.  However, if needed for more serious issues or emergencies, we are less than 5 minutes from an excellent Vet Clinic that offers extended hours and urgent care. We will take care of all transportation.
Do you have Daycare Packages?
Yes! Contact us for more information: we offer 5, 10, and 20-day Packages which can be used Monday through Saturday, and reduce your cost while also making your checkouts faster! Ask about our discounts for multiple guests!