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Daycare 2.0 improves dogs’ well-being through play and rest, benefiting dogs physically, mentally and emotionally!

Why offer a new Dog Daycare option?

It’s hard to believe but dog daycare has been around for a couple of decades now. It has moved from being viewed as a discretionary activity for a pet to a much needed social and physical outlet for a beloved family member. However, we’ve learned over the years that one size does not fit all when it comes to dog daycare. Dogs can get overly tired or stimulated by playing all day without adequate rest. Some dogs can become bored by the same routine, while others don’t do well with larger groups of dogs. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our new SmartPlay daycare program!

Paws & Pals SmartPlay Daycare

This new and innovative program ensures that your dog will get excellent quality of play as well as plenty of rest. Your pet will get playtime with other dogs, special small group activities, one-on-one activities and increased interaction and attention from our staff. Every day will be an active and fun day specifically designed for what your dog likes to do!

Learn more about dog daycare evolution: Read the article 10 Lessons From Our Dogs

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Paws and Pals Pet Resort is truly awesome! I am so grateful that Bridget encouraged me to try the Smart Play program! The concept is really great and Coach loves it! His day is a wonderful balance of small intimate group activities in addition to a favorite one on one activity and sufficient rest time. The staff really cares about my dog and they focus on specific behaviors that he needs to work on, which really helps to keep things consistent at home. I love the report card that I get after each session, it always makes my day! You will never find a more caring and friendly staff and together they make one great team! I highly recommend Smart Play and all the services that Paws and Pals has to offer.
Sheila K.


Benefits of SmartPlay

We have thoroughly tested this concept and are confident that your dog will benefit physically, emotionally and mentally in the following ways:

  • Be happier getting to participate in a variety of activities
  • Be healthier and feel good getting the right blend of exercise and rest
  • Enjoy getting to “choose” his favorites games or activities
  • Get to spend more time with his favorite friends due to smaller groups
  • Be stimulated by the mental challenges of games and toys
  • Appreciate spending quality time with people as well as other dogs


We love SmartPlay!  Huck is always excited to go, and has learned so much. He works on manners, especially with other dogs. While he isn’t aggressive, he didn’t always know when to stop, and SmartPlay has helped him learn to take breaks, and realize when other dogs might need a break from him! He loves the stimulation-physical and mental. We can’t recommend it enough!
Eve G.

SmartPlay FAQ

Why are your offering another daycare format?
Over the past 11+ years we have learned that one size does not fit all when it comes to dog daycare. Dogs can get overly tired and overly stimulated by playing all day without adequate rest. Some dogs can also become bored from the same routine. Others do not enjoy playing with larger groups of dogs. Our new format ensures your dog will get the right balance of excellent quality play, variety, group size and appropriate rest.
What if my dog has never been with other dogs before?
It’s very possible that your dog will be timid or shy at first. However, using natural canine body language to communicate, he’ll learn valuable social skills such as being polite, not playing too rough and respecting his elders. It takes most dogs awhile to fully develop their social skills. Most dogs love the activity and the interaction with their friends.
Will my dog still go home tired?
Absolutely! Your dog will go home tired but not so exhausted he can’t eat dinner or interact with his family. We are providing quality play sessions and fun, personalized activities balanced with adequate rest. This approach will keep your dog happy while not getting worn down from over exercising. 
What kinds of activities will my dog do?
That really depends on what your dog likes! We will conduct a simple assessment to find out what your dog really loves and then we’ll incorporate those activities into your dog’s visits here. We have a wide range of fun activities including fetch, walks, tricks, nose work, agility, tug time, and long-line field hikes. Buddy Play with 2 or 3 close friends is included each day. We also have a wide variety of interactive and puzzle toys to challenge your dog mentally!
What will rest time be like?
When it’s time to take a nap, your dog will be provided with a quiet place to rest. Normally this will be a comfortable crate or suite with bedding, water, and a puzzle toy (w/treats) or a stuffed Kong treat. Once he’s done with his toy or Kong, your dog will take a much-needed break before his next activity. We think this down time is vital to healthy dogs and helps your dog get used to learning how to relax during the day.
What makes you better? Why are you qualified to offer this?
Our daycare programs are focused on fun, safety and the well-being of your dog. We have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience having offered dog daycare for almost 12 years. Our staff all love taking care of dogs. We are committed to and have a highly trained and professional staff that understand canine body language, pack behavior and group play. All staff are certified for Pet First Aid and CPR and we are long-time and active members of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA).
How do I get started in the new program?
Our personalized SmartPlay program is tailor-fit to your dog’s needs. This is an exclusive program and space is limited. In order to secure your spot advance registration and payment is required. Please contact us to get your dog enrolled. You will need to have our Standard Paperwork on file, your dog must be in good health and current on Required Vaccinations per our usual policy. Your dog will also need to complete an evaluation prior to starting in the program. It’s that easy to get started!


Customer Comments about Dog Daycare:

We’ve been taking our two dogs to daycare at Paws and Pals for the last 3+ years, we love it! The dogs are always excited to go and they come home tired! The staff is nothing but exceptional as well! I would highly recommend Paws and Pals!
Lauren R.


About the Program:

Our professional staff make each day is an exceptional experience for your dog!

Program Details

SmartPlay will be offered Monday-Friday (based on # of participants) from 9 am to 5 pm. Each session lasts 3 months. Space is limited due to the personalized and high-touch nature of this program. We will conduct a simple assessment with you to determine the best activities for your dog. Advance registration and payment are required to participate. Groups will be limited to 7 or 8 dogs. A daily report card and detailed feedback will be provided on how your dog’s day went.

Our Professional Expertise

Our professional staff will make sure each daycare day is an exceptional experience for your dog! We don’t just love dogs, we love taking care of dogs. Just as importantly, we are trained to the highest standards available in the industry – this really sets us apart! Our staff must complete rigorous training that includes, pet first aid and CPR, canine body language and communication, dog behavior, dog handling, pack interaction, group play, and on-going industry certified pet care courses. Our level of expertise and experience is unmatched in the Twin Cities!

Safety First = Peace of Mind for You

Unfortunately, dog daycare is an unregulated industry. That’s why we’re such proud charter members of The Dog Gurus, the best educational resource available on off-leash dog play, and have taken their Dog Play Safety Pledge as our commitment to keeping your dog safe. You and your dog will love the difference in our playgroups where safety and fun is the measure of success and every dog gets a program especially tailored to what he or she wants to do the most!

About Paws & Pals

Paws & Pals is an all-suites, full- service pet resort conveniently located in Prior Lake. In addition to excellence in daycare services, we’ve been frequently rated as one of the top boarding, grooming and training facilities in Minnesota. We’re convenient to Prior Lake, Lakeville, Savage and Shakopee, and other south Twin Cities metro locations. Get a map or contact us!

View/Print SmartPlay program brochure here.


Our loving staff will truly know your dog’s personality and preferences while developing a deeper relationship through SmartPlay.


New Client Pet Daycare PDF FormsNew Customer Paperwork
Please complete and return our Services Contract and Guest Profile prior to your dog’s first daycare visit. Thank you!

Looking for the Daycare Webcam? Daycare playtime is 6:45am – 7:00pm
Typical break time is from 10am-12noon and 2-3:30pm.


2019 Daycare Games


About The Dog Gurus and Daycare Games: Paws & Pals Pet Resort is one of the inaugural members of The Dog Gurus and we have maintained our each year since then. We were a Dog Daycare Games participant in the inaugural 2015 event and in 2016 and 2018. Our individual staff members won national recognition most recently in 2018, for demonstrating specific dog handling skills: Recall Gold & Silver; Group Sit Gold, Silver & Bronze; Gate Boundary all seven of our staff received Gold! Through a fun competition Paws & Pals will demonstrate our dog leadership skills that set us apart from the local competition and make our off-leash dog playgroups safe and fun!

Through a fun competition Paws & Pals will demonstrate our dog leadership skills that set us apart from the local competition and make our off-leash dog playgroups safe and fun!The-Dog-Gurus-Member-2016-150px Daycare-Games-Participant-2016-150px