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Love Your Pet, but not the Shedding?

Consider Shed-Less Treatment. The number one complaint of pet owners is shedding. We also love our pets and understand the frustration fellow pet lovers feel with the problems of shedding. The embarrassment of hair all over the house when guests come to visit. The endless vacuuming and cleaning. The constant checking and wiping of their hair off our clothes. That’s why Paws & Pals Grooming Salon has been an authorized facility for providing FURminator Shed-Less treatments since 2005. The FURminator treatment will make both long and short-haired dogs look and feel better. Within one to two treatments, the FURminator has been proven to reduce shedding up to 90%.

dog grooming minneapolis mn furminator, shedless treatment


Customer Comments about Dog Grooming:

This is the place where the staff loves dogs and makes everyone feel welcome. Our first visit was with Cherie for grooming and it was the best we have found and the price is reasonable. We will use the Doggy Daycare on Thursday and we were so happy that they offer that service. I would tell all my friend that I have found a gold mine of dog services. Try them out.
Janet, customer since 2011
Our Bichons, Bauer and Wrigley love being groomed by Sue at Paws & Pals. I just have to say her name and they know where they’re going. Their tails wag and they can’t wait to get there! We have been going to Paws & Pals pretty much since the day they opened. Sue does wonders with our dogs. I bring them in all shaggy and overgrown and I pick them up and they are transformed into handsome dogs! I love it and so do they! Sue is just so good with them. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I know most of the people that work there and that makes me feel welcomed. They are family to our family. It’s really special.
Jennifer & Todd Thompson, customers since 2005