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Paws and Pals Resort Puppy Training Classes

A variety of dog training and puppy socializing classes are available at Paws & Pals!

Our dog training is presented in partnership with Unleashed Behavior & Training Services. Together, we offer a series of training classes (for more about the specifics of puppy training and socialization, click here). Our professional trainers have the highest levels of industry certification and over 30-years of real-world experience. This includes working with several rescue and adopted dogs that have challenging issues due to difficult pasts. Our trainers have a real love for animals and a true desire to make your training experience as successful as possible.

Some of the most common concerns we hear from dog owners have to do with how to stop their dog from doing something they don’t like. There are plenty of dog behaviors that are not desirable; barking, chewing on things they shouldn’t have, biting. But the question that we should be asking is not ‘how do I get them to stop that?’. It’s ‘what should they be doing instead?’.

Our methods are positive and based on the science of Behavior Modification. The focus should be on getting our dogs to want to work for us. How can we motivate them? What do they want? And how can we make our communication with them clear and concise? Nothing in training should break down your relationship with your dog. Remember why you got a dog in the first place. You want a companion, a friend, a member of the family. Everything you do in training should build on that relationship. Our classes and programs are designed with that goal in mind. We will help you develop a positive and rewarding relationship with your pet.

Puppy and Dog Training Class Registration FormPuppy and Dog Training Class Registration
Please complete and return our Training Class Agreement Form prior to your dog’s first night of class. Full payment is due on the first night. Thank you!

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