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Puppy Manners Program

“I have a puppy, now what do I do?” We hear this question all the time. Unfortunately, very few pet parents really understand how important puppy socialization is or even what it is. It’s much more than just playing with other dogs.

Puppy Socialization – Why does it matter?

Science has proven that ages 3 to 16 weeks are critical to a puppy’s successful social and emotional development. Dogs that miss out during this period often live in fear of everyday places, things and situations and demonstrate a variety of lifelong behavioral issues.

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That’s why we’ve created this innovative program to set your puppy up for a lifetime of success! We will help to condition your dog to a variety of real life experiences. We’ll educate you as we go so that you can understand what’s happening and be the best pet parent you can be.

Programs Benefits include:

  • Your puppy will see the world as a wonderful place with interesting new adventures and behave better
  • Your puppy will be happier due to successful social and emotional development
  • Your puppy will be more confident
  • Your puppy will experience less unnecessary fear and anxiety
  • You will be happier and enjoy a better relationship with your pet


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