Five Safe Drinking Water Tips

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Water sources are not always safe for your dog to drink.

1) When hiking, carry water for your dog and yourself. Pristine appearing streams and lakes can carry microorganisms like diarrhea-causing giardia that you don’t want your dog to ingest.

2) If you find yourself without bottled water, treat natural water sources with filters and chemical treatments before you or your dog drink the water.

3) Bring drinking water when going to pools, dog parks or even participating in a sport like dock diving. You may not be able to intercept all the water he ingests but having fresh water available will minimize your dog’s need to drink the “used” water.

4) If your city has a “boil water” order that means boiling your dog’s drinking water, too.

5) If your dog has diarrhea, prevent him from eliminating near water sources and get a fecal check as soon as possible to check for any internal parasites he might pass on.

Taking these simple steps will help keep your dog and you safely refreshed and hydrated while out enjoying summer activities!

Content provided by the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.

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