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Diggs and FancyMeet Diggs & Fancy

“Fancy and Diggs love Paws & Pals so much!” their pet mom writes. Fancy is an English Springer Spaniel. She is 14 this month! We adopted her when she was 6-years-old. Fancy is such a well behaved girl. She loves a lot of attention and there’s never enough petting to be had! She loves to sit with you whether it’s in your chair at home or on a bench outside. She also loves bananas, pumpkin, carrots, her bones and going for walks. Fancy loves coming to Paws & Pals to play with others but mostly for the one-on-one she gets from the staff!! I love bringing my pooches to Paws & Pals for the friendly staff, grooming, training and play time that they need and love!

Diggs is a 20-month-old Husky…a very curious, playful, smart, goofy Husky! He doesn’t have the traditional marking of a Husky. His coat is mainly white with patches of color and that type of marking is called Piebald. His favorite things are his toys!!!! He especially loves his fluffy Caterpiller and sometimes brings it to bed. Diggs also loves his walks, playing with family or Fancy, sitting in his favorite chair looking out the window and he loves being vocal!! He is so fun to get howling or talking because he has so much personality you almost know what he’s trying to say! Diggs loves coming to Paws & Pals also for the play time! When we get close, he gets so excited and starts talking in the car!! We have been coming to Paws & Pals for many years, close to when they opened up. When we bring the dogs home from their vacation, they sleep for the next two days they are so worn out from all the fun and activity!

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