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Meet Our Pal of the Month: Barney!

Our pal of the month, BarneyBarney is a 2-year-old Cockapoo. His birthday is January 5. His pet mom says, “He is the sweetest guy but can be a stinker too. He’s very protective of his people. He loves other dogs, but is not so sure about people he doesn’t know. He loves to chase squirrels and rabbits around our property.

Not sure what he would do if even got close to one. He loves the dog park and walking around Cleary Lake. He follows me around all the time and needs to be in the middle of everything going on. He is officially spoiled rotten and we love that.

“Paws and Pals has been his home away from home since we got him. The staff their treats him with such kindness. He has been going to SmartPlay since it started. When I bring him there he runs in and can’t wait to say hi to everyone. I count my blessings to have Paws and Pals to take him to.”

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