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What do our customers have to say about their experience with Paws & Pals? Whether dog boarding, day care, training or grooming, our customers’ feedback is valuable to us.

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{following a recent conversation about SmartPlay}…”Barney loves Paws & Pals – It is so helpful to have a place for him to go learn and play that makes all of us so happy. You can’t duplicate the staff here anywhere else!”
- Tricia O.
Good afternoon, today we dropped off our dog Finn for boarding while we’re away on vacation and we just want you to know that we sincerely appreciate the outstanding customer service your staff has given us. We are new to Paws & Pals and since the first day of inquiring about daycare, we have been incredibly impressed with Morgan. She is very knowledgeable and took the time with us to answer every question. She greets us immediately every time we see her. Customer service is a true art and Morgan definitely has it. We would also like to acknowledge Jake. Finn did his trial session with him and per Jake’s expertise is now in SmartPlay. Jake was so personable and really took the time to go over his observation of Finn and where he feels he’d excel at Paws & Pals. Finn loves it and has really taken a liking to Jake. We really enjoy the reports Jake gives us every Monday as well. You have a really great team and it’s apparent that everyone really loves what they do. We are so happy to find a place for Finn that we can trust when we’re not able to be with him. Thank you so much!
- Tommy, Abby and Finn Nemo 🙂
Piper SmartPlay Review 2018 April

SmartPlay tired Piper out! Sweet dreams!

SmartPlay tired Piper out (thanks!!).
My husband just sent me this photo a little bit ago. Thanks to you and your teams for an amazing program!
- Jenna N.


We are so excited that Mary is Pal of the Month! Mary will be two on March 30, she is her Dad’s girl following him everywhere he goes. She loves the snow and would spend hours rolling around and playing if we would let her. Mary loves going to Paws & Pals, on the drive as we’re getting closer Mary paws at the door in excitement. Mary started at a puppy class there, now Mary does daycare, boarding and SmartPlay. She has learned so much at SmartPlay, and so comes home exhausted, always falling asleep on the ride home. We love all the pictures and videos posted by Jenna and Cat, those girls are truly the best. We are so thankful for all the staff at Paws & Pals they treat Mary with so much love and affection, we could not ask for a better second home for her.
- Mary (Queen of Scots) Pet Parents
Lily is a 3-year-old black lab. She deeply loves fetch, squeaky toys and playing outside. She is kind of obsessed with playing in the sprinklers or the hose in the summer. Even though she is a big dog, she loves to snuggle in and be a giant lap dog. Lily goes to daycare at Paws & Pals on a regular basis. She recently started in the SmartPlay program. Her pet mom writes, Lily waits by the door to leave for Paws and Pals in the mornings and whines in the car when we start to get closer. She is loved with you guys and since she’s such a ham she soaks it right up!
- Lily's Pet Parents
Maddie is a 2-year-old Shih Tzu. She has been going to Paws & Pals since she was only 10 weeks old. Her pet mom says, she absolutely loves going to see all of her puppy friends, and the incredible staff! Maddie loves her SmartPlay daycare and has learned many fun things. She especially loves playing ball!!! She can play for HOURS! She also loves to hide the ball herself and make us go and retrieve it for her! Paws & Pals is Mads’ second home. She loves getting her baths and haircuts there and she loves all the attention from the trainers, a special thank you to Amelia, Jake, & Stephanie!! {from Maddie:} “Thank you P & P for taking care of me while mom is away…love and licks!”
- Maddie's Pet Parents
Jasmine is a 1.5 year-old petite mini Golden Doodle. “Jasmine is extremely social with a tail that never stops wagging and a tongue that gives nonstop puppy kisses for anyone that will have them. She loves her walks as she has many 2-legged friends around the neighborhood and her favorite activity is playing fetch, but insists on having two balls in her mouth at once. Jasmine has been going to Paws & Pals since she was 3-months-old. First for the puppy socialization program, then obedience classes, along with lodging, daycare, SmartPlay and grooming. I knew this would be her home away from home when I travel on business after the first “test night” for boarding. When it was time to go home she tried to turn around and run back in she loved it so much!”
- Joy M.
Layla is 5-year-old Lab mix. Her pet parents adopted/rescued her at the age of two. She seems younger than she is. She loves going to the SmartPlay daycare program at Paws & Pals and running at the dog park! She has also stayed overnight at Paws & Pals several times since her first visit in 2013.
- Layla's Parents
Chester is a 7-year-old Britney Spaniel who has been coming to Paws & Pals for daycare and lodging since he was a puppy. Chester loves lots and lots of attention. He especially likes being up at our cabin in Northern Minnesota where he spends hours and hours chasing squirrels and birds. He is an excellent pointing hunting dog and looks forward to fall and bird hunting. Chester is very intuitive when it comes to people’s feelings. He is very protective of his family and always knows when one of us is hurting. He gives his family lots and lots of love! He loves going to Paws & Pals to play with his 4-legged friends and to hang out with the staff when he needs to rest!
- Chester's Pet Parents
Mikko is a 5-year-old Beagle. He just celebrated his birthday this month! “Mikko has the best ears and the cutest dog face! Those ears are so floppy and soft, we just love petting them!” Some of Mikko’s favorite things include going for walks, playing chase around the living room, barking at the mailman or UPS driver, and cuddling with anyone willing! He contributes to our family by writing our annual Christmas letter. Each year he receives rave reviews too. (He has a great sense of humor.) Nice work Mikko! His favorite people are Noah and Rylie (and anyone they bring home). He certainly loves being with kids. However, when I set his food by the back door he gets so excited. He knows he is going to Paws and Pals to see all his dog and human friends! And when he returns home from his weekends at Paws and Pals he curls up on the couch to catch up on sleep. He almost always goes to the grooming “spa” during his stay and he really likes getting the shed-less treatment…so do his pet parents!
- Mikko M.'s Family
Hi my name is Izzy, I’m a 3-year-old Greyhound mix. I love to lay on the couch at home. When I’m not laying on the couch, I love to be chased by other dogs. It is really fun for me. I also like to go for boat rides, and sometimes going to see my grandparents. But most of all I just like being petted. I enjoy going to Paws & Pals for lodging overnights, SmartPlay daycare and getting pampered in the salon. All-in-all, I have a pretty good life!
- Izzy's Pet Parents
Charlie is a great little guy. He is 1-year-old and weighs 10 pounds. He loves attention and snuggling up to watch movies. Charlie does not do well with children. He would thrive in an adult home and would make a great companion. Charlie will take the opportunity when the door opens to let himself outside, and because of this his new home MUST have a fenced yard. He is house and crate trained and will bark once you get home so you haven’t forgotten he’s there.
- Charlie's (Chihuahua, short coat) Family


Josey is 4-years-old and Maizy is 5. They love to be outside and play catch in the yard. According to their pet mom, they aren’t very good at retrieving the ball (LOL) but they love to run for it. They both get along great with their sibling cat (Chevy). Maizy’s favorite pastime is “sunbathing” in the grass whenever she can. Both dogs enjoy going to daycare at Paws & Pals several days a week. They also like their “getaways” there when mom and dad go on their vacations!
- Josey and Maizy Mae's Pet Parents